Our Specialties

As you’ve probably seen, we specialize in parts for imported vehicles.  We went through and picked out some of the more common manufacturers for whose cars we can supply parts.  We mean it too.  If you need parts for a brand new Porsche Panamera, we can make it happen, but we can just as easily get you a new wheel bearing for a 1952 Porsche 356 – and we’ll even ask if you’d prefer a roller version identical to the original, made by the original manufacturer, or an updated ball-bearing version made by a high-quality aftermarket company.  Oh yeah, and it’ll cost waaay less than the same part from the dealer, and we’ll have it to you sooner.  Just in case you need any further convincing that we don’t mess around here, we also threw together a quick list of some of the other, less common, possibly slightly oddball cars for which we can get parts.  That’s why we’re so confident in our claims that we’re the only place you need to call for anything for imported vehicles.



Here are a few of the other marques we support