Why We’re So Awesome

For those who’ve worked with us in the past, you already know, but for anyone new to Paradise, we made a quick list of what makes us the best.

Chain Stores

Sure there are plenty of chain stores around, but they’re really oriented toward domestic cars, and as you know, imported cars can be quite a bit different.  When they can offer a part, it’s typically something that’s been made as cheaply as possible, and their catalogs don’t seem to work as well with imported vehicles.  This results in a situation where you’re forced to spend half an hour trying to explain to the kid on the phone what you need, then you get the completely wrong part two or three times.  Once you finally get the correct thing, you spend an extra few hours trying to install it because it doesn’t fit right, then your customer is back in two weeks because the part failed.
OR you could call us, we’ll get you a part made in the same factory as the original, you swap it out, and you’re good to go.


The most obvious issue here is that there are several car manufacturers who don’t have a dealership in the area, which means you’re out of luck if you need any of those parts.  As for the dealerships that are around, many feel like they’re the only game in town, and can price parts as high as they like.
WHILE WE can get parts for ANY automobiles.  You don’t need to spend time searching through the phone-book for each car that comes in.  Just one call to us for any imported car, and we’ll get you set up – usually with the exact same parts that you would get from a dealer – and at a better price.

Paradise Automotive

  • We’ve established a network of over 300 suppliers, which allows us to offer Genuine, OEM, and Quality Aftermarket parts to fit your needs.
  • We believe strongly in the value of experience, and everyone you’ll speak to has at least fifteen years of dealing with import auto parts.
  • This unprecedented level of experience has allowed us to make connections throughout the import parts industry.  That’s why we’re able to say that we can supply parts for any imported autos.
  • We’ve joined up with local delivery services, allowing us to offer delivery to over 120 different cities around the area.
  • For areas not covered by our delivery network, we can ship with UPS or FedEx to reach most of the area with Ground shipping by the next day.  We can reach most of the Midwest with Ground by the second day.  Just have a look at the map below.
  • We’ve invested largely in the latest technology.  This helps us to keep your time on the phone to a minimum, which allows you to focus on your business.  It also helps us manage inventory much more efficiently, which keeps our prices low to save you more money.
  • Most importantly, everyone here is passionate about imported cars.  You’re never going to speak to someone who’s here because it’s just another job.  We all enjoy what we do, and why wouldn’t we?  We get to basically hang out at a car club and talk about cool cars all day.  The fun, laid-back atmosphere comes across to our customers, and hopefully you’ll look forward to speaking with us whenever you need parts.

Transit Times via UPS